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Purpose of a Guru

Today during Satsang, somebody asked Guruji - "Why a Guru is required at all?"

Then Guruji answered with a smile.

"Do you need an answer for this question?"

She told, "Yes".

Guruji Replied. "When you have a question, and when you need an answer for that, you need somebody to give you the reply. The source from where you'll get the answer is the Guru. If you don't have any question, then a Guru is not required - but that'll happen only at two cases - either you are totally realized, or you are in total inertia"

"To see your self, you need a mirror. You cannot see your face by looking at a wall or a pillar. The Guru is a reflection of yourself, and finally you'll find the one ness in everything"


Rama's Bridge (Varadhi Bridge) Photos From NASA

The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, as mentioned in the Ramayana. The recently discovered bridge, 30 km long, in the Palk Straits between India and Sri Lanka, reveals a mystery behind it. The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man-made.
NASA satellite images and estimation of age of Sethu has set right the Ramayana period, when Historians and scholars arbitrarily ascribed to few hundred and few thousand B.C. in the absence of scientific support. This sets the record straight that Sanskrit language used in Ramayana and the Yajur Veda etc that Rama learnt from Vashisht Maharshi (sage) are older than what was previously thought.
Really amazing, worth exploring more