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My Experiments With Love

Here are the results of my experiments with love.

  • Possessiveness is often mis interpreted as love.
  • Possessiveness causes attachment and entanglement, which limits our creativity.True love is non possessive. It won't look for proofs.
  • Unconditional love will not demand. If you demand love, then your love is conditional.
  • The basic cause of annoyance in all relationship is the fear of losing respect. See this quotes from Guruji
  • "Only renunciation can sustain love and joy. Without renunciation love turns into misery, possessiveness, jealousy and anger. Renunciation brings contentment and contentment sustains love. Without renunciation one gets discontented, frustrated, sad, fearful, suspicious, analytical. And the whole soap opera begins. And this is what we find in society , don't we?"
  • "When you love someone you dont see anything wrong in them. Even if you see some fault in them you justify the fault and say Well everyone does it, it is normal. You think you have not done enough for them. The more you do, the more you want to do for them. They are always in your mind. Ordinary things become extraordinary. For eg. A baby winking at grandmother. You want them to be yours exclusively. When you love someone, you want to see them always happy and you want them to have the best . You get hurt even over small things"

Only Divine love is complete. Love is our very nature, our very existence. Only divine love is limitless. It can bring out all the charm and beauty in life. Worldly love is an ocean, but even an ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the limitless sky. Sans limits, Sans boundaries. :)