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CSE's Shocking Findings About Colas

Centre for Science and Environment - released a study report regarding colas

  • A cocktail of three to six pesticides found in all samples

  • Lindane — a confirmed carcinogen — was found at an average concentration of 5.5 ppb, which is 54 times higher than the BIS standard (finalised but not notified) for individual pesticides in soft drinks (0.1 ppb)

  • In one sample of Coca-Cola bought in Kolkata, lindane was as high as 14 ppb, which is 140 times higher than the BIS standard

  • Chlorpyrifos, a known neurotoxin also known to breach the placenta, was found in all samples at an average concentration of 4.8 ppb, which is 47 times higher

  • A Coca-Cola sample bought in Mumbai, manufactured in Thane, contained 20.4 ppb of chlorpyrifos: this is 200 times higher than the BIS standard for an individual pesticide. Heptachlor, banned in India, was found in 71 per cent of the samples, at levels which are four times the BIS standards

  • The average amount of pesticide residues found in all samples was 11.85 ppb, which is 23 times higher than the BIS standards for total pesticides in soft drinks (0.5 ppb)
    Pepsi Cola, the flagship brand of PepsiCo India, on an average contained 15.2 ppb pesticide residues; this is 30 times the BIS standards. Coca-Cola, the flagship brand of Coca-Cola India, on an average contained 13.4 ppb pesticide residues; this is 27 times the BIS standards

  • The average pesticide residues in all brands of PepsiCo was 12.7 ppb. This is 25 times the BIS standards

  • The average pesticide residues in all brands of Coca-Cola India was 11.05 ppb. This is 22 times the BIS standards

See this report from CSE


Concerns about Indian Economy

Derrick send a great mail, which is really an eye opener.

Read this, and Forward to others if u r really concerned about our Nation..

The Truth:

A cold drink that costs only 70/80 paise to produce is sold for TEN rupees, and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad.

This is a serious drain on Indian economy. These MNCs are taking away these money through their products such are Pepsi, Coca Cola, KFC , Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut - and lots of other brands in garments,cosmetics,vehicles etc...

What can you do ?

You can consider some of the better alternatives to aerated drinks.

For instance the price of coke = Rs10..
The cost of production filtered = Re 1.
For whole sale dealer the profit = Re 1.
And for retailer = Rs 0.50

The remaining is = Rs7.50

We give seven and a half rupees to a foreign country in a single bottle of coke..
Consider how much sales we hav in our country in a single day...
Here after Jus Think and act..


This will benefit us and our poor farmers who depend on agriculture. .

Everyone deserves a healthy drink, including you!

1 bottle of cola needs 8 glasses of water to secrete it out from the stomach.

Over and above all this, economic sanctions have been imposed on us. We have nothing against
Multinational companies, but to protect our own interests we request everybody to use INDIAN products only for next two years.

With the rise in petrol prices, if we do not do this,the rupee will devalue and we will end up paying much more for the same products in the near future.

Let us think and act!!

  • Buy only products manufactured by WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES.

  • Avoid PEPSI, COCACOLA, KFC, MCDONALDS, PIZZAHUT - this not a sacrifice it’s for your health.

  • ENROLL as many people as possible for this cause.

    Each individual should become a leader for this awareness

And More

I would also like to point that the same is happening in IT side also. Even Indian companies are selling the brain of Indian engineers cheaply to the outside world. Of course, the alternative is to think about a production oriented work culture, than a service oriented work culture. We should have our own products in IT industry, and only then we'll be able to achieve something

Think Globally, Buy Locally.


An Inspiring Talk

A really inspiring talk from Chanakya. Really worth watching


Mahabharath Videos

Krishna explains the Secret of Karma to Arjuna - A great scene from Mahabharath. I've found this video recently in Youtube