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The Dark Spot

In response To 'Jalarekhakal' by S GopalaKrishnan - Malayalam Varika, 2005 April 29

I just read your article The Ligtened Darkspot (Prakashamanamaya Thamobindu). The name itself is excellent. I would like to share some more thoughts about the ‘dark spot’ you mentioned.

You mentioned in your article that you are a non believer. It seems interesting and funny. Exactly as your friend told to you, your mind reaches the dark spot (or gets blank) at some stage - it is when the mind gets completely settled – or when you are completely in the present moment – or when you are in expanded awareness. Normally, your mind is full of thoughts – either worrying about the past or agonizing about the future.

What do you think right now? Observe your mind right now, what is there inside? What is the first thought that comes to your mind?

You’ll get blank. This is Pragya or awareness. I think Pragya is the Sanskrit word for your ‘dark spot’. This is the present moment.

It is all about experiencing the present moment or the dark spot as you put it. The dark spot is NOW. When your mind is in present moment, you don’t have any thoughts, and then you experience the formless. All your demands and thoughts will stop. Unconditional joy and bliss dawns. Children are always in this state, isn’t it? This is the dark spot. The dark spot is the present moment. It is here, right now. And realize that all the rituals, practices and customs in all religions are to bring you to that dark spot.

According to the famous theory of Einstein, matter is just energy (E=mc2) isn’t it? If we decompose anything around us, we just end up in sub atomic particles, which are waves and particles at the same time. According to the quantum theory, matter is just vibration in the level of energy. And if matter is just energy, where does this energy manifests as matter? It is in the level of observer, in the level of conscious ness. With out conscious ness this energy cannot manifest as matter. For an event to take place, there should be an observer, isn’t it? This is the basis of relativity theory.

Hence, we can say that the whole universe manifests in the observer, or with out an observer, there is no universe (or Brahma) around him. The conscious ness or such ness or divine or atman or God, itself is the Brahma or universe. This is why Rigveda says, ‘Prajnanam Brahma’ or the conscious ness itself is the whole (or universe) around you. The Human body is capable enough for experiencing this conscious ness. Experiencing this conscious ness with in you is called as Realization, enlightment, moksha etc etc, by various realized masters at various times. These days, we speak about God men, and it is quite funny that there is a scientific possibility of finding God men around us – they are people who are living in your ‘dark spot’ all the time. You will experience a trace of this conscious ness when your mind is in present moment.

That is all about the dark spot you just wrote about. It is where you are in total awareness, and it is what about Swami Vivekananda, Parama hamsa Yogananda and such people mentioned about when they experienced the same. Read the books - Autobiography of a Yogi and Yoga Vasishta - if you haven’t done that yet. And after that, start meditating for some days – Ha ha. You may get some more clues regarding the dark spot.

The nature of this dark spot is unconditional joy and bliss, and GOD is just a symbol to take you there. First you concentrate on some symbol, and in the end you even throw that symbol away – to reach this dark spot. And this is what various masters tried to convey at various times – Jesus Christ called it the ‘Kingdom of God within you’, and Hindu Philosophy called it ‘Moksha’. Krishna says to Arjuna, “Those who realize my form as formless will reach me”. It is all about reaching that dark spot, to synchronize your conscious ness with the universal conscious ness. Again, the name dark spot reminds me the concept of black hole – where time stops and all our rational views break. Realize that the dark spot you just mentioned is a trace of bliss, a trace of your conscious ness, a trace of your own source. We are discussing all these things in the level of intellect, but you can experience the dark spot only with your heart. Finding the path from your head to heart is ‘Bhakti’ or surrendering to something around you – it may be a stone, a wood piece, some forces of nature, anything. Religion is just the skin and spirituality is the Banana.

After all, it doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or skeptic to realize this dark spot. But of course, from my personal experience, it is better to gain it from some one who experienced the same – like an enlightened master.


Gaining the maximum from you

Often, you feel that you are working hard with out obtaining much output, reputation or result.
How to gain the maximum from you? In Hindu philosophy, there is the symbol of Lord Mahavishnu sleeping on Anantha, the snake. Vishnu is resting on Anantha, and the snake Anantha is the symbol of alertness. The lotus flower that comes from the abdomen of Mahavishnu is interpreted as the birth place of Lord Brahma, the creator.

This is a wonderful interpretation of creativity. Maximum creativity comes from you when you are Restfully Alert.

You can become restfully alert only when you have enough prana or subtle life force energy with in you. Meditating, chanting, going to worshiping places like churches, mosques and temples, playing with children etc will increase your prana. Alertness comes from awareness and awareness comes from dispassion. Becoming dispassionate will help you to de link the observer from the event and this take you beyond the event – and beyond an event, there is the real truth.

In Hinduism and Christianity, there is a practice of wearing ash in forehead. Wearing ash in fore head reminds you how impermanent and insignificant you are. It is just like reminding you “I am nothing, I want nothing”


The Real Joy

Experiencing the inner joy will make everything else insignificant.

Every thing around us, everything we see and feel, is just energy in the subtle level. It is in our conciousness where this energy manifests as object (remember E=Mc2). This is the basis of Indian Philosophy. Everything manifests in our conciousness, and this causes the universe around us, which is called 'Maya'. Conciousness is the real source of joy or bliss, and all relgious practices, meditations etc are to take you to this source :). When the feeling of 'I' ends, conciousness and bliss dawns. Read my article about miracles at for a more detailed discussion


About Ramayana

Heard a talk from Nechoor Venkataraman about Ramayana. He interpreted Lanka as the human mind, Ravana as the Rajasic nature of human mind, Kumbhakarna as the tamasic nature and Vibhishana as the satvic nature. His talks about Bhagavatha are really providing me a lot of intutions. Seems that he is :)). Also, saw a nice site today. . They have a translation of Ashtavakra Gita