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Hyperspace, the 'N' th Dimension, and Vedanta

I've recently read the book Hyperspace by Dr Michio Kaku.. Very interesting. Here are some observations..

According to this book the universe has multi dimensions (10 according to hyperspace theory). Just as a square living in a two dimensional paper cannot visualize or think about a three dimensional world, we human beings may not be able to visualze multi dimensions, though it can be represented mathematically.

After reading that, I just related it with Yoga Vasishta, an ancient Indian Spiritual Text which describes various levels of conciousness and various dimensions of the universe. According to Kaku, the radius of next dimension is much smaller than the planck's constant, so that it is almost impossible to find it.

This resembled me the 'Sukshma loka' (subtle world) in Yoga Vasishta, where the conciousness can enter.

Indian Vedanta and culture is so deep and vast, and the ancient Rishis experimented various possiblities of human conciousness through techniques like meditation, and explored the universe in various ways. Yoga Vasishta even discusses techniques like Time Travel (Akshagamana) - and explains how human conciousness and mind can be fine tuned to attain such realms.

According to Vedanta, the whole nature (observing phenomena) is part of the self (observer), and there is no duality between the two (Advaita). According to Kaku, the String theory describes that the whole matter is nothing much vibration of energy.

Science knows that the base or substratum of matter is energy. Vendanta goes further - it explains the whole matter as vibration in the level of energy (much before Einstien), and continues further, to explain that the substratum or base of whole energy is conciousness (Prajna).

And Vedanta concludes that the Prajna is the divine (Prajnanam Brahma), and all beings are just the manifestation of the same conciousness (Aham Brahmasmi, That-tvam Asi).

And, Vedanta explains that the maximum possibility of Human life is to realize this conciousness- to be one with it. This can be experienced by anyone, by controlling his mind, like various masters at various ages did (Krishna, Buddha, Nabi, Jesus, Guru Gobind etc)

May be science is coming closer to reality.. Who knows.


Bombay Blasts And Islamic Terrorism

The recent Bombay blasts has again coined up the term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ to the fore front. Terrorism, in any form is condemnable. But, at the same time, associating Terrorism with the whole of Islam is equally condemnable.

After the unfortunate Babri Masjid demolition and the violent reactions that succeeded that incident, in India, Muslims and Hindus are caught up in a religious trauma. I am sure that the Babri Masjid demolition was a painful incident for any secularist Indian. And since the Babri Masjid issue, this sensitive issue is used tactically by certain opponents of India to create communal distrust in our country. At the same time, Hindu and Islamic extremist groups used opportunities like this to add members to their organization and to strengthen their base.

A few so called religious and political ‘leaders’ playing religious play cards, are busy cultivating hatred and violence in the minds of their supporters – against other religions and groups. They often do this by reminding their followers about some unfortunate communal incidents or riots that had happened in the past. In this way, they cause an identity crisis in the mind of people, and turn them towards violence, mostly for securing their own positions. This is one of the most important problems our society is facing today. History shows that no one got enlightened by cultivating hatred in society – instead, the path to self realization is the path of selfless service, compassion, and sharing and caring for our fellow beings. This is the path shown by all prophets and religions.

These days, people are associated with a religion, just in the same way they are associated with a political party. Most people are caught up in the rituals and symbols of religions – and only a very few are implementing the real values in their life. Each person has a religious ego associated with him – and problem begins when a person start identifying himself as a member of this or that religion – even prior to identifying himself as a blissful human being and as a true Indian.

Instead of blaming each other, all Hindus and Muslims should understand the fact that a permanent solution for violence is not counter violence – instead, we can bring a change only through peace and harmony. Violence against violence is just like playing a merry go round – and this foolish cycle can only increase the hatred in society and the number of dead bodies.

Unfortunately, people use the term ‘disbeliever’ to describe some one who is outside their religion – instead, the term should be used to describe every one who kills each other in the name of God, with out realizing that God is love.

All people have goodness with in them – but temporal motivations from pleasures and false ideologies – be it money or be it a conceptual heaven after death - make them blind. Each person should understand that he is not going to find the divine if he cannot find divinity in the person very next to him – for prayer and meditation is seeing God with in us, love is seeing God in the person next to us, and wisdom is realizing that the God is omnipresent - Since God is the think dense blissful consciousness that fills everyone and everything.


Love And Meditation

What is the relation between love and meditation? here are some thoughts.

When we talk about love, there is

1) Attachment on physical level
2) Attachment on mental level
3) Connection or true love

Worldly love falls on firt two categories - because it is often conditional.

Meditation will raise your love from the first two levels to the third level.

And in this level, you are effortless, totally aware, centered, totally in love, and you see everything around you just as your SELF or conciousness or divine.

Only Divine love is complete. Love is our very nature, our very existence. Only divine love is limitless. It can bring out all the charm and beauty in life. Worldly love is an ocean, but even an ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the limitless sky.

And in this form, love and meditation merges to a single point. And this is why Bible says God is love, and Bhagvat Gita says Love is your true nature :)

Be in total love, and if you are not yet there, meditate. For meditation will lead you to there, and finally, merges with love :)


Dear Pope, You Can Still Convert People

This write up is in response to the article ‘The Pope and Freedom of religion in India’ by Prof. Dr. Anniyil Tharakan (New Indian Express, View Point, Page 2, May 30, 2006).

Pope’s concerns over the laws made by various states in India, banning religious conversion, ‘and there by infringing on religious freedom’ caused a lot of fury – especially among some of the BJP leaders. Let us thrust aside all the show offs from political parties involved in this matter – it may be because of pure political reasons. But still, there are some major facts to consider, regarding the statements made by the respected Pope.

Converting a person from one religion to another is simply changing the outer skin – and this won’t do any good if we can not uplift the moral and spiritual values of a person from with in. But in India, religious conversions are done purely for outer reasons, normally by offering material comforts, or by exploiting sentiments about a ‘better life’ after death.

By banning religious conversion in some of its states, India just send a clear message to the world that all the religions are equal, and we are committed to keep our well acknowledged religious tolerance and commitment towards communal harmony.

It is high time that we should get around the banana skin (which are the rituals and symbols in religions), and move towards the religious values which is the real banana. The values in all religions are the same – and they are eternal and universal. If a Christian can not find God through Christianity, he is not going to do that just by changing his outer label to a Hindu. Similarly, a Hindu or a Muslim can not realize himself or the Divine or the unseen consciousness or Allah, just by changing to another religion.

As I got enough opportunities to interact with a number of so called ‘converted’ people, I can clearly state that these types of conversions only mounded up their religious confusions and worries. This happens often, mainly because suddenly these people are coming to a new set of rituals and symbols which may contradict with their present rituals and existing beliefs. Their new ideology will not match with their existing thinking and traditions, and add up their mental frustrations.

Freedom of a person is limited by laws - to protect him, and to protect the society. Even if a person interested in suicide himself, there are laws that prevent it. Similarly, in present day society, a religious conversion can be considered as a spiritual suicide – since it causes frustration and self-conflict in ones own mind – and hence it should be banned by law.

It is the responsibility of the state to protect people from undergoing such problems and exploitations, and hence, I strongly feel that religious conversions should be banned all over India. It is important to understand that this is not about infringing in to the religious freedom of people.

India has already shown the world that human values, peace and harmony can be promoted with out mixing any colour of religion to spirituality. Various spiritual leaders in India have done that in the past, and India is still doing it.

We have a lot of spiritual leaders who clearly set the examples – like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Satya Sai Baba etc. Around the world, they are converting people from stressed and strained ones to self contented, service minded, peace loving people. They are not even worried about the religious labels associated with the people they influence. And they even ask people to think beyond religion, to move towards the real values and spirituality. This is because, religion is often used as a measure by most to achieve one’s own selfish desires – while spirituality is all about service, caring and sharing.

The church may take a clue out of this. It is not required to worry about the laws that prevent religious conversions – since these laws simply ban the assignment of a new religious label to a converted person. And everyone will agree that simply assigning a new religious label won’t do any good to anyone. At this point, I would like to mention that we should think and talk about spirituality and human values – and not about the outer covering – i.e, the symbols, rituals and labels associated with religions.

You can find good water any where, but you should dig deep enough. We should learn to take the spirit-uplifting human values and knowledge from all religions - to help us deepen the faith in our own religion and to instil human values and self contentment with in us. Self Realization or realizing the global consciousness, and finding the Kingdom of God with in, is not limited to the people in a particular cast or community. This is the great vision of Sanathana Dharma, which forms the root of India’s history and culture.

Hence, the laws that prevent religious conversions will not cause any threat to the religious equality and religious harmony of the country.


Specs - A Poem I Wrote

Through which specs you are reading this?
I feel to laugh

You see, that glass is just yours.
Just as I have my own.

The moment these words come out,
Those become yours, just as they are mine.

And from where they are coming?
I can see them only after they are there.

But for now, let me take the doer-ship
Though I may take births again

Or may I go beyond the cycle,
And Oh Lord, may I see the light?

I am tired, reading the same stories,
Only my glasses are changing

With out light, how can I read?
But I am still changing my specs