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Gaining the maximum from you

Often, you feel that you are working hard with out obtaining much output, reputation or result.
How to gain the maximum from you? In Hindu philosophy, there is the symbol of Lord Mahavishnu sleeping on Anantha, the snake. Vishnu is resting on Anantha, and the snake Anantha is the symbol of alertness. The lotus flower that comes from the abdomen of Mahavishnu is interpreted as the birth place of Lord Brahma, the creator.

This is a wonderful interpretation of creativity. Maximum creativity comes from you when you are Restfully Alert.

You can become restfully alert only when you have enough prana or subtle life force energy with in you. Meditating, chanting, going to worshiping places like churches, mosques and temples, playing with children etc will increase your prana. Alertness comes from awareness and awareness comes from dispassion. Becoming dispassionate will help you to de link the observer from the event and this take you beyond the event – and beyond an event, there is the real truth.

In Hinduism and Christianity, there is a practice of wearing ash in forehead. Wearing ash in fore head reminds you how impermanent and insignificant you are. It is just like reminding you “I am nothing, I want nothing”