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Love And Meditation

What is the relation between love and meditation? here are some thoughts.

When we talk about love, there is

1) Attachment on physical level
2) Attachment on mental level
3) Connection or true love

Worldly love falls on firt two categories - because it is often conditional.

Meditation will raise your love from the first two levels to the third level.

And in this level, you are effortless, totally aware, centered, totally in love, and you see everything around you just as your SELF or conciousness or divine.

Only Divine love is complete. Love is our very nature, our very existence. Only divine love is limitless. It can bring out all the charm and beauty in life. Worldly love is an ocean, but even an ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the limitless sky.

And in this form, love and meditation merges to a single point. And this is why Bible says God is love, and Bhagvat Gita says Love is your true nature :)

Be in total love, and if you are not yet there, meditate. For meditation will lead you to there, and finally, merges with love :)