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In the Solitude, with the Self

The soft yellow light spreading to infinity through the lamp lids, combined with the light green shades of the leaves to weave magic around us, as me and Ishan unusually decided to take a walk to the other side of the Ashram for almost no reason.

The nature stood so alive in front of us, with all its glory, just like an extension of our own body. I felt the liveliness in each moment.

The serene silence of the night was spreading through us, and we were listening to the sound of our own footsteps with great interest, with a child like innocence.

The impact of that silence was so profound that my mind was transcending itself, to take me back to a joyful, blissful realm which was so familiar to me – something that I mislay at times.

Solitude is best when celebrated with the Self! Perfect!




  1. Suresh said,

    Nature is always so beautiful and it s teaching us every moment. But we human beings forget to listen to the beauty of the nature. so when we realize it, it becomes amazing :-)

    on 2:58 AM  

  2. I s h a n said,

    Stepped in ..

    From a day-to-day "reasons driven world" ,

    To the "No Reasoned space" ..

    Each step was Full of Silence..
    And silence was driving the steps further..
    Realizing each moment - This Path is So Beautiful..


    This Path is So Beautiful..

    Witness were those calm, yellow lights,
    Like those old Saints of the path,
    Illuminating light on the path,
    Inviting Us -
    " Come,Merge into this Silence!"

    As This Path is So Beautiful..

    on 3:09 AM